Walking The North Wales Pilgrims Way?

Stay with us!

The recent BBC series Pilgrimage: The Road to Wild Wales, which is available on iPlayer follows seven celebrity pilgrims, as they take a personal journey along a route that celebrates Celtic early Christian saints, with Bardsey Island the fabled ‘Island of 20,000 saints’, just off the western tip of the Llyn Peninsula – as their final destination.

The programme showcases lots of lovely places, including the Aber Falls in Abergwyngregyn amongst many others, that are on the route, and the Shepherds Hideaway is literally about a minute from the route itself.

This map here shows the route of the entire Pilgrims Way.

We are based on the Waen, near St Asaph, towards the top right of this first map.

Find out more on Google Maps or via the Maps and Routes page of the North Wales Pilgrims Way website.

We’re on the route…

This map shows just how close the Shepherds Hideaway is to the route of the Pilgrims Way, making us a superb choice of a stop over if you are walking the route – either as part of your pilgrimage or not. The brown line on the map is the route of the Pilgrims Way, and the little red triangle shows the location of the Shepherds Hideaway. We are literally less than 5 minutes away down the country road to the Shepherds Hideaway. We are listed on the official website of the North Wales Pilgrims Way as one of the accommodation providers on our section of the route, and we are on section 6 of the official route of the North Wales Pilgrims Way footpath – also known as the ‘Welsh Camino’.

Find out more on the Route and Maps page of the North Wales Pilgrims Way website.

(PS One of our huts – the Clydes – has a gorgeous rolltop bath – just in case the thought of soaking in it after a long days hiking is of interest to you!)

Accommodation for you and your dog!

We have five dog freindly huts, each located at the Shepherds Hideaway only a few minutes from the route of the North Wales Pilgrims Way.

So whether you are walking alone, or with your dog, or with your freinds, we have VERY comfortable, VERY convenient accommodation that will provide you with a good rest at a VERY good price.

Find out more on our prices page and book now!