Dog walks

From your doorstep

Sometimes it’s nice to just take the dog for a walk straight from your hut, so here are a couple of suggestions.

Short walk on the lane

This walk is not a circular route, but basically if you leave the Shepherd’s Hideaway park walk past the house and down the lane round the corner to the left down the end to the right hand bend but at that point walk down the unpaved road which is also a foot path you will end up down near a little Footbridge and stream. It is possible to walk further over the footbridge and towards the right following the foot path signs if you wish. or you can turn around go home and have a brew and relax!

This route is shown by the red line on the map below.

River walk to St Asaph

This route will take you to Saint Asaph if you go all the way, or you could just stop when you get to the river. To get to the footpath make you way back to the main road to the A55 and turn right. Then walk past the pub (on right) and past the place that sells logs and eggs which is on the left. Take the first turning on the left immediately after the place selling the logs and eggs. Walk down that road and towards the bottom take the right fork. Then you will see a foot path sign with a gate into a field. Follow the path and go across a couple of Fields and you will be at the river near a footbridge.

In the map below the red circle is the start point at the Shepherds Hideaway. Follow the red line and then the red dashed line is the public footpath route.

Other walks from the hut…

If you use OpenStreetMap you’ll see public footpaths displayed as red dashed lines.

In and around St Asaph…

As many of our guests visit us with their doggies we thought we would put together a little page of links to help you find places to take your fur-babies to.

The North Wales Pilgrims Way & Offas Dyke Footpaths

In addition to the local walks we ar also ideally located as accommodation for those visitors who wish to walk sections of larger footpath routes – notably the North Wales Pilgrims Way, and the Offas Dyke path. Both of these nationally recognised routes have sections near us that are ideal for both pilgrims and dog walkers alike!